Discover the regions of France and understand French better

France is a beautiful country with varied landscapes and a rich culture. Yes I am very objective 😄

Today, I present to you the collection "ça bouge en France" created by TV5 monde. It's a serie of documentary on French regions.

Oral understanding, vocabulary and grammar exercises are given with videos. You can therefore discover France and better understand French at the same time! These exercises are more intended for A2 and B1 levels but I advise you to take a look even if you are a beginner or advanced French speaker to discover French culture. You have access to the transcript of the video (rectangle at the bottom left of the TV5 site) and the subtitles (click on CC at the bottom of the video).

If you don't understand everything, keep calm!

My advice : Don't try to understand every words, take a wide view !

If you want to discover Belgium, there is the serie "ça bouge en Wallonie".

and...."ça bouge au Canada" !

In my opinion, this serie is less accessible to practice by yourself because there aren't self-correcting exercises. But I advise you to discover this collection if you want to expose yourself to the Québécois accent. Very good listening exercise! Good discovery !

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